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Why Slow Travel

Travel has never become easier than ever. The online platforms provide us with endless resources of where to go, what to do, where to stay or what to eat. Particularly with the rise of Travel Bloggers and Influencers, it is more common to see the ‘Must Go Places’ or ‘Top Things to Do’ lists on these online platforms. This might turn some travelers into the ‘Checklist Travelers’. Traveling has slowly shifted its focus from quality into quantity. How many places or we have visited, how many stamps on our passports or what’s more tragic is, how many likes do we get on that Instagram posts.

Our Kind of Perfect Instagram Post: Friendship and beautiful fruit platter made by our Guide turned into Friends!

Our daily lives constantly demand us to thrive and move fast. Slow Travel let us to ‘stop’ and notice the world around us. As a country of many cultures and ways of living, Indonesia gives you an insight into how differences can unite a country as big as Indonesia. Slow Travel is not merely about how long the time spent in a place. What matters is the perspective when you travel, the willingness to learn, notice the unnoticed and bring impact to the society where you travel to.

Notice the unnoticed: one of these statue is no longer the original statue as a part of Sojiwan Temple (Central Java) restoration project

Our trips focus on experiential yet they have to be ethical and sustainable tourism. Explore the unbeaten paths, immerse in that interesting culture shock moments, overcome your fear and fight misconceptions!

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