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5 Reasons Why Indonesia can be a little bit Overwhelming to travel to

Updated: Jan 31

For some people, traveling to Indonesia can be a little overwhelming (on a personal note, we’re not talking about Bali). Based on our interviews with people who have visited Indonesia based on their challenges and how they overcame them. Without further due, here are our top 5 Reasons Why Indonesia can be a little bit overwhelming to travel to (because 30 is too many).

1. Indonesia is the Largest Archipelago. Where to start? How to go there? What else is there?

First of all, Indonesia is huuugee. Although from the map Indonesia looks tiny, It's actually as wide as Europe! Don't be fooled by the Mercator Projection of the world and see it for yourself at thetruesize.com. It tells you the comparison size of different countries in the world. And since it is an archipelago, it is also impossible to hop on a train and stop wherever you feel like in Indonesia (unless it's Java). It takes a little bit of planning than that. Moreover, because of limited access to some areas (and they are often the most beautiful ones) traveling across Indonesia sometimes can take longer than traveling outside the country. Again, with meticulous planning or talking to the right travel planner, you definitely will have the greatest time of your life!

Size comparison: Indonesia vs Europe. Source: Quora

3. We’re a Multicultural Country

1,340 ethnic groups, 742 different languages, and more than 267 million people. Do the numbers say it all? Our different and diverse ways of living can be a little bit overwhelming! Moreover, what you found on the internet about Indonesia might get a little bit daunting (but is it even true?). We might look, behave and communicate completely different with you but we welcome you to our home. Well, Indonesia is in the top 25 of the friendliest countries in the world! So, would you accept our invitation?

Ethnic Groups in Indonesia. Source: Netralnews.com

4. The Misconception of Us being a Muslim Country

Yes, it’s a misconception, Indonesia is not a Muslim country, we're a democratic country. In fact, the majority of Muslims in Indonesia despise the idea of a Muslim country. We don't deny the strong Muslim influence in culture, ways of living and even in public policies since the majority of Indonesia populations are Muslim. However, the fact that Indonesians live side by side with each other (despite religions and beliefs) and also respect each other differences makes Indonesia one of the most multicultured countries in the world.

Grand Mosque of West Sumatra. Source: Wikidata.com

5.(Another) Misconception of Some Parts of Indonesia (outside Bali) and maybe a part of Java are Inaccessible aka Thick Jungle Filled With Tribes (the ones that still live on the trees) Okay, it can be true depending on the context. It's true that we have thick jungle and many tribes (a.k.a ethnic groups) but to be fair we're quite civilized. More than 170 million people in Indonesia are connected to the internet (64.8%) especially in Java. In terms of accessibility, some areas might require more effort to go to (it's worth it though, trust us!). However, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism is working on the 10 New Bali Project across Indonesia that includes access and transportation improvement. Read about the 10 New Bali here

The Lush Jungle of Gunung Leuser National Park. Source: TripAdvisor

2.The Hassle!

The layovers, the bumpy roads, finding where to stay, choosing which tour operator to trust and the list goes on. Some might say, “Well my darling, it’s 2020. Type whatever you need on Google search box and it will give you the answer.” True, but with the fact that too much information is no longer a good thing we become more confused than ever, especially when planning for a trip. Talk to your friends who have been there. Find a trustworthy travel agency that can empower you to embark on your trip (not just squeezing out your tourist money). All it takes just a little more time to do the research and you will be good to go!

The mixed feelings of travel planning. Source: Unsplash

What stop you from exploring the rest of Indonesia? Share your thoughts in the comments below?


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