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The Clock That Says It All - Merapi, Central Java

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

12.10 AM is the time shown on a clock in The Remains of My Treasure Museum (Museum Sisa Hartaku in Bahasa Indonesia) that was previously a house on the slope of Mount Merapi. It was the time when the hot air winds from Mount Merapi passed and destroyed the along with hundreds of other houses in the surrounding area.

The eruption in 2010 has caused 350,000 people to evacuate the area and killed the rest of 353 people who decided to stay on the mountain. Mount Merapi is still the most active volcano in Indonesia to this date.

The clock has never been moved from its original location. Before the house became a museum, it was abandoned along with the rest of the belongings that were left behind, most of them are melted and destroyed by the hot air winds. The house and what are left inside have become the silent witnesses of the horror on that day at 12.10 AM.

You can access this museum by Jeep. Our Lava Jeep tour also includes visiting The Remains of My Treasure Museum


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