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What is the difference between Komodo Dragons at Rinca Island and Komodo Island?

Updated: May 21

sourced from Detik.com

Komodo National Park is the only place in the world to see Komodo Dragons from a close (and safe) distance. Two of the most visited islands to see Komodo Dragons are Rinca Island and of course Komodo Island itself. But are the Dragons any different in those two islands? It turns out besides the different distance from Labuan Bajo, Rinca Island and Komodo Island's distinct environment also affect the Dragons who live there.

Komodo Dragons. Source: Brittanica

Ecosystem and The Sizes of Komodo

The first thing that we noticed when we first visited Rinca Island is its Savannah environment. It feels hotter and drier and lack of trees on site. In fact, the hot and dry climate causes mammals, such as water buffalo and monkeys to survive on the island. Hence, due to the lack of prey, the size of the Komodo Dragons in Rinca Island tends to be smaller.

On the other hand, the lush Komodo Island is filled with lush forest so that it is heaven for deers and buffalos (you can even see lots of deers by the beach at Komodo Island). Hence, the size of the Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island are bigger.

Rinca Island View. Source: RoamIndonesia

The behavior of the Komodos

Komodo is cold-blooded animals. Therefore, the high-temperature environment makes them feel uncomfortable. In the hot Rinca Island, Komodo Dragons tend to be more aggressive and there are cases of attacks to the rangers. Nevertheless, Rinca Island is still very safe to visit and watch Komodo from the recommended safe distance and it is still the more popular island to see Komodo Dragons due to is closer distance from Labuan Bajo (40 minutes by speed boat).

In Komodo Island, where there are more shades and temperature is cooler is a perfect environment for the cold-blooded Dragons. They also tend to be calmer that allows visitors to spend a long time admiring the chill Dragons and they are easier to be found too!

Komodo Island. Source: DetikTravel

Depending on your plan while visiting Komodo, both islands are worth visiting because of their own unique characteristics! So, where are you planning to go and meet one of these Dragons?

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