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Lazy Traveler Guide to Indonesia

Indonesia has loads to offer. Beautiful nature, culture, and adventure. One of the common misconceptions about traveling in Indonesia is it’s difficult and lots of hassle. Bali is def Lazy Travelers’ favorite destination in Indonesia to just chill and relax and it’s accessible too! Fly in, have fun, fly out, that’s it! But is it still chill and relaxing nowadays?

Okay before you get offended by the term Lazy Traveler let me explain what I mean by that. It simply means for anyone who would love to explore and experience Indonesia but the only thing that stops them is the HASSLE. I know when we go somewhere we want to make the most out of it. Experience as much as we can without having to spend a big chunk of time figuring out the details throughout our trip. Lucky for all of us, the Lazy Traveler behind SloMo Travel, Gita, has 5 tips on how to do Indonesia her ‘Lazy’ way.

Snack time on the top of a mountain, anyone?


Before you set your foot in Indonesia, get your resources right, especially if you’re the type of plan-all the-details kinda person. Book your accommodation, find out how to get from one place to another. Get into a forum, ask questions or ask us! Every piece of information matters for your trip!


I love being independent when I explore Indonesia but I also love tour operators too. This love story is definitely complicated. As a female solo traveler, independence gives me the freedom to explore Indonesia my way and my pace. The tour operators, on the other hand, help me with the things I’m too lazy to organize, such as organizing for a mountain trekking trip. I personally don’t like carrying a big mountain pack or setting up a tent (nor that I know how to do it too). I might need to change my princessy attitude but being that way helps me to enjoy the most out of my trek. Plus I get to meet the local guides who give me the inside stories! But seriously, I need to learn how to set up a tent

If you think waking up at 1 AM to see a sunrise is hard, imagine if you need to figure out all the little details to get here on top of that?


Babe, Indonesia is huuuge. There’s no way you can do it all at the time unless you’ve got at least 6 months to spare (it’s not even going to cover all of it but you might have the chance to visit all of the big islands). You won’t enjoy the thing that is rushed. Take your time, maybe one island at the time. Enjoy the art of Slow Travel. Notice the unnoticed.


Ok... Maybe most of the time, especially if you go to some areas outside the connection coverage. I know most of the accommodations and restaurants already provide wifi so why should we buy a sim card? Okay, I get it you maybe want to take the time off from the online world and connect with the real world during your travel in Indonesia. But trust me, being connected to the internet saves you the hassle when you get lost or simply confused about finding where to eat or how to get to a place. Most importantly, the motorbike rideshare platforms that allow you to travel conveniently. It’s a total game changer in my travel! It’s not that expensive anyway to get a SIM card. Around 10USD (or slightly more) provide you enough data to survive for a month.

This amazing innovation is not only the locals's lives savior but travelers' too! Source: selular.id


This is by far the easiest thing to do ever! Just sign up for a group tour and all the little details are being taken care of. All you need to do is to fly in and fly out. There are tonsss of different group tours in Indonesia that offer their own unique thing. Whether you like to do it basic or according to your specific interests like art, adventure or heritage, there’s always something for you in Indonesia. Ehm.. my baby SloMo Travel also organizes interest focus tours that you might be interested in so Check it out here

Those are the 5 tips, I’m sure you guys have some travel stories and tips when you are in Indonesia. Share with us in the comments below!


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