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Fodor's No List 2020

While the majority of the world is finding the best place to travel this year, Fodor's has published a brilliant yet controversial article, listing the places and things that you shouldn’t go or do or at least reconsider for your next travel in 2020.

Why has Fodor’s come up with such a list?

Foodor’s has been publishing the ‘No List’ since 2018. Their main purpose is to encourage people to be more ethical and responsible travelers by underlining the issues in the tourism industry. According to them, it is not a ‘Scarlett Letters’ to those who are featured in the No List but instead, it’s a reminder of what we can do as travelers and stakeholders to contribute to a better world through tourism.

The Places That Don’t Want You (or Want You in Smaller and Better Doses)

The previous No List has stated Amsterdam, Venice, Machu Picchu, Thailand’s Koh Tachai, Santorini, the Isle of Skye in Scotland, Easter Island, Dubrovnik, and Mallorca. This year, there are new additions to the ‘family’.


According to Forbes, "No number of pavement expansions and bus rerouting can solve the fundamental issue that tourism is the number one problem for the city." Source: SuitLife.com

Big Sur

"Between the free publicity from the massively popular award-winning HBO series Big Little Lies and Monterey County's hospitality association and tourism campaign, the once bucolically secluded area within Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park staked its future on the completion of Highway 1, a dual-line highway–and now the chickens have come home to roost.." Fodor, 2019. Source: The Mercury News

Angkor Wat

The temple that suffers from its popularity. Worn out steps, and Lacking Water Supply due to mass tourism. Source: 203 Challenges


What used to be the paradise island might not look so paradise anymore. Source: World Nomads

Hanoi Train Street

The increase in visitors means an increase in cafes by the train rail. In fact, the Vietnam Ministry of Transportation wants the street shut. Source: VnExpress

The Place That Could Kill You


"The mountain has become too unstable and therefore too dangerous to be a tourist attraction climbed by loads of people every day," Zurich newspaper Tages-Anzeiger. Source: Get Your Guide

The Sickly Coral Reef in Need of Healing

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary”

"If you insist on recreating in the vicinity of the Florida Reef Tract or Cozumel's Reefs National Marine Park, take measures to protect the coral: reduce pollution generated from gasoline-fueled boats, use mooring buoys to avoid anchoring on coral, and always wear coral reef-safe sunscreen." Fodor, 2019. Source: Scuba & H20 Adventures

The Places (Rightfully) Considering Charging Large Tourist Taxes

Galapágos National Park

Galapagos National Park is now charging a $100 entry fee. Source: Galapagos Islands

Komodo Island

The plan to close the island in 2020 was canceled but instead, an expensive entry fee or tourist membership is considered to improve tourism in the area. Source: Geek.com

The Places to Be Cautious About Drinking

Mexico and Central America

" he Costa Rica Ministry of Health released a national warning regarding several alcohol brands tainted with methanol, while the U.S. State Department finally revealed the details of its investigation into the multiple deaths and illnesses of American tourists who drank alcohol at Mexican resorts in the last few years." Foodor, 2019. Source: Global Rescue

The Tourist Attraction That Needs to Stop

According to World Animal Protection, "Between 2010 and 2016 in Thailand alone, 17 fatalities and 21 serious injuries to people by captive elephants were reported in the media. Unreported incidences involving local elephant keepers are likely to make this figure much higher." Source: Animals Asia

The City Safe for Tourists, Deadly for Residents

Cape Town

While the tourist might not know this, there has been an increasing rate towards homicide and turf war just outside the city centre. Source: andBeyond

The Businesses You Might Not Realize You Don’t Want to Support

The decision to spend our tourist money can also support a particular political intention of the stakeholders, especially their subsidiary brands that we often don't realize. "This doesn't serve to single out any particular business, but acts as a notice to our readers." Fodor, 2019. Source: Trump Hotels

Read the full article: https://www.fodors.com/news/photos/fodors-no-list-2020


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