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Explore Yogyakarta in a Campervan

Updated: Jan 15

Once you arrive in Yogyakarta, you begin to notice the vibrant culture in the city. The authenticity of Javanese culture reflects not only from the monarchy system but also from the architecture, food and the people themselves. In fact, many of the temples and historical artifacts are still well maintained until today and even become a part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

One of the unique ways to explore Yogyakarta is in a campervan. Feel the freedom to enjoy Yogyakarta in your own leisure. Visit some of the many temples around Yogyakarta and spend the night under the stars in the middle of one of Yogyakarta’s natural wonders.

Recommended Camping Spots

Around Borobudur and Prambanan

Bukit Klangon, Sleman. Get the view of Mount Merapi when you wake up in the morning

source: https://www.alodiatour.com

Gunung Kidul (Southeast Yogyakarta)

Watu Mabur. For sunset and sunrise view. Best for sunrise above the clouds

source: http://wisatakaka.com/

Several Beaches in the region such as: Ngrumput Beach, Greweng Beach or Butuh Beach (around 2.5 hours from Yogyakarta City)

source: https://eksotisjogja.com/


Mangunan Pine Forest. Tricky location through a fairly steep road yet amazing experience to immerse yourself in the middle of the forest.

Things to Consider

Driving in Yogyakarta

In Indonesia, the driver side is on the right and we drive on the left side of the road . Although Yogyakarta is considered less busy compared to other metropolitan cities like Bali or Jakarta, driving in Yogyakarta can be slightly tricky because of the traffic, especially with motorbikes. Other than that, as long as you carefully check your surroundings and pay attention to the road signs, you are good to go!

Although it is considered rude in some countries, honking is a common practice to remind other drivers or simply to say thank you in Indonesia. Ps: long and exaggerated honk is a sign of other driver’s frustration or anger.

Camping in Yogyakarta

Generally, camping grounds in Indonesia have very basic facilities that are sometimes not maintained properly. One night is our recommended duration to spend in our Yogyakarta campervan trip, however, feel free to spend more nights if you are comfortable with the camping condition in Yogyakarta.

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